2nd Grade STEM Field Trips

STEM 2nd Grade Trips

Push and Pull
Standard S2P3a,b
Students will demonstrate how pushes/pulls affect the motion of an object.
Students will demonstrate the effects of changes of speed on an object.

Pricing and other important information

  • $8 per student
  • Skating incl.
  • This can be a NON-SKATING event
  • Bring a Bagged Lunch
  • Available 10am-1pm
  • Teachers participate FREE
  • Parent Chaperones $8
  • Café/Arcade/Stuff Shop will be open for purchases


Students will understand these Proper Concepts:

  • A force is a push or pull that makes something move
  • A moving object will travel in a straight line if it is not touched
  • A push/pull can change the direction of an object or cause the object to stop moving
Students will participate in these Hands on Experiments:

  • Build a track and race cars from different heights across different surfaces, noting their results comparing them to their original predictions
  • Students will brainstorm and investigate how to change the speed or direction of the car, and apply the hypothesis to their experiment
  • Students will be able to identify the parts that make skates move, turn, go faster and slow down
  • Students will complete a chart and make a graph showing their findings
Students will meet or exceed these Supporting Standards:S2CS2: Students will have the skills necessary to analyze data and follow scientific explanations

S2CS3: Students will use tools and instruments for observing measuring and manipulating objects in scientific activities

S2CS4: Students will use ideas of system, model, change and scale in exploring scientific and technological matters